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vibrant & thriving

The Charity Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Liberty Hill that is uniquely positioned to lead the charge of transforming the community into a model community. We believe that with your help we can transform Liberty Hill — one of the Lowcountry’s oldest African-American communities, founded by the families of four free persons of color in 1871 — into a vibrant, thriving community.


STEM Learning

Offering curriculum and experiential learning, which is necessary for success.


Training & Career

Intervention for individuals ages 18+ years that will result in livable wage employment.


Economic Opportunity

Acquire the responsibility to manage the resources you gain effectively.


a new model

In this part of North Charleston, where quick airport access and a 20-minute commute to just about anywhere is attracting a new middle class — the time for more African-American homeownership, is now. 

The prospect of gentrification is particularly worrisome for those who know and care about Liberty Hill. To keep it at bay, we're turning our attention first to the neighborhood’s vacant lots that are owned by the city of North Charleston.


A nonprofit associated with the Charity Missionary Baptist Church on East Montague, we will continue to acquire those lots and build affordable housing. With your help, we can do even more.




We believe that working with strong partners enables us to transform Liberty Hill into a community that includes a highly developed workforce that will make this area a community of choice, not chance. 

Pictured from left to right: Rev. Nelson B. Rivers, III, Board Chairman and Pastor  of Charity Missionary Baptist Church; Dr. Gerrita Postelwaite, Superintendent of Charleston County School District; Tim Keeting, Executive VP of Government Operations, Boeing; Judge Alex Sanders, TCF Board Member, Founder of Charleston School of Law; Darrin Goss, CEO of Coastal Community Foundation; Nashonda Hunter, Director of The Charity Foundation


“In August of 2021, per invitation by Dr. Gerrita Postlewait, Superintendent of CCSD, the Charity Foundation submitted to CCSD a proposal entitled "Transforming Communities Through Schools." This is a proposal and budget to use ARP ESSER 3 funds to use the model of full-service community schools as recommended by the US Department of Education to fundamentally change, for the better, the way Black, Brown and low-income students are educated in Charleston County public schools.” - Rev. Nelson B. Rivers, III, Board Chairman 


To view our proposal, visit the link here.


liberty hill

A PREMIER place to live, work, play, and worship.


Join our mission! Help change lives — and future generations — within the Liberty Hill Community. Your donations are tax-deductible and appreciated more than you know.


Currently, there are more than 240 vacant properties on Liberty Hill. In August of 2018, North Charleston City Council voted favorably to donate five vacant lots in Liberty Hill to The Charity Foundation for Affordable Housing. Contact us today to learn more.


In the news

We believe it's imperative to shed a positive light on Liberty Hill, its people, and all the community has to offer. Nashonda Hunter, Executive Director, and Rev. Nelson B. Rivers, III, Chairman of the Board, are well versed in the current state of Liberty Hill and available for both speaking appearances and interviews.


Are you a member of the media? For statistics, sound bites, and community images please click below to get in touch with a member of our staff.

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