All schools in the Liberty Hill Community will offer curriculum and experiential learning in STEM, which is necessary for success in our growing knowledge-based economy.


Training and career development intervention for individuals ages 18 years and older in Liberty Hill and surrounding areas that will result in livable wage employment in the expanding job market.


Our geographic location, which is in the middle of growth and development, creates a mandate for us to develop safe, desirable and affordable housing to accommodate the growing workforce.


With economic opportunity comes personal responsibility to manage the financial resources one gains effectively. Financial literacy workshops aimed at empowering families will help them build wealth and reinvest in our community.


stem education

  • STEM - Empowering Students to Thrive in an Evolving World through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math 

  • PLTW (Project Lead The Way) based learning 

  • Grant funding provided by Boeing SC

  • Serving North Charleston Elementary, Morningside Middle and North Charleston High schools



The greatest yield of this transformation will be the creation of a well-trained workforce that is fully prepared to embrace the economic opportunities provided by North Charleston area businesses.


Available job openings in the Charleston area

according to the Charleston Chamber of Commerce : Production & Mechanical Workers - 300 - 500, Software & IT - 200 - 300, and Hospitality - 200 - 250



PHASE I – Mint St.  The existing property line was abandoned and divided into two parcels to maximize the Mint property for affordable housing. Funding for the project is provided by the South Carolina Community Loan Fund.



Through partnerships with Origin SC and Increasing Hope, we are able to identify people with a desire to own a home and provide them with financial literacy and funding opportunities to purchase a home. 


Our financial partners offer financial coaching services, credit repair, and home purchase advisory services.